Music Video

The Wind by J’yé (Music Video)

J’ye came to Buddha Vision with the idea to create a music video that was inspired by the 90s. Our crew sat with J’ye, worked through what she was trying to display, and created a stunning video that she absolutely loved!

My experience with Phat Buddha video production was so amazing. A humble and fun experience. Mr. Chris and his team are very patient, trustworthy, understanding and full of life. I was nervous at first, but as time went on their positive energy just made me connect with them so much more. I was able to have fun. That’s what I like and appreciate about them. Everyone is so full of life, willing to listen, willing to have fun and enjoy themselves. No pressure or making you feel uncomfortable. Your questions get answered in a timely manner, and if you don’t understand something just ask. They will happily go over things with you. If you want a great crisp video, with a positive atmosphere, sun and fun surrounding. This is who you should contact.
J’ye Ivy

Year 2020